By proceeding you agree that all nuance, discussion and debate on the idea of ownership shall be determined by The Computer and by The Maths (hereafter referred to as the computer and the maths). Understanding of the computer and the maths is legal and possible, but Optional and Discouraged.
[x] I have not read the terms and conditions.

This web based crptographic banking facility will maintain a Public List of Personal Ownership of Any Abstract Thing.

To view the Public List of Owned Assets and their Public Keys:

Click here to view the list of Assets owned by Anonymised Independent Fiscal Entities (a.k.a. People).

To validate and demonstrate Ownership:

You will need your Secret Number a.k.a Private Key. Click here to confirm your Ownership of Anything.
(Crypto-creature is the current validation method)

To Aquire:

We invite you to click here and secure your place in/ownership of, history.
(coming soon)

To gain knowledge:

Or 'What are they selling us in Deregulated Utopia?' or 'How does this work, anyway?'
Click here (again, coming very soon!)